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  • Diana Dillow β€” 05:22 PM

    Would love to win! This is such a great thing you are doing giving someone a chance to win free shirts for a year! I was in the hospital for a year I just got out this March 2018! So a year supply of T-shirts would cheer me up!β™₯️

  • Ashley Nardone β€” 05:22 PM

    Thanks for an amazing giveaway from some awesome shops! 😍

  • Tiffany Cahill β€” 05:22 PM

    Done! Fingers crossed

  • Tiffany Cahill β€” 05:22 PM

    Done 😁

  • Sandra Beeman β€” 05:22 PM

    Perfect! Tees are my very favorite-so comfortable!

  • D.B. β€” 05:22 PM

    Hope to win!

  • Michelle McDermott β€” 05:22 PM

    I would love to win!! I love Fresh Apparel!❀

  • Tricia Hope β€” 05:22 PM

    Love these! Such great sentiments that capture the joy and pain of motherhood!

  • Ramie selander β€” 05:22 PM

    Haven’t shopped in 3 years. Would love this!

  • Tiffany Blevins β€” 05:22 PM

    Omg I would be over the moon estatic to receive all these kick ass shirts!!! One could only hope!!

  • Amberlea Jean Haessly β€” 05:22 PM

    Love you river babe gear. Leggings and hoodies galore. My one stop shop for comfy shabby sheek clothing! Accessories and dress it up or ball cap and pony tail dress it down.

  • Kati Linn β€” 05:22 PM

    Love your t-shirts! I have a pothead mug and okayest mother tumbler they are awesome!

  • Jana β€” 05:22 PM

    Thank you for the chance. Fingers,toes and eyes crossed for a win.

  • Caren Tyser β€” 05:22 PM

    When I saw this email I literally jumped for joy on my bed πŸ˜‚ I looooove sporting a mom tee on the regular lol so I’m always searching for a cute new one to add to my collection 😍

  • Nicole Beth Miller β€” 05:22 PM

    Happy mother’s day

  • Ashli Koontz β€” 05:22 PM

    As a mama to 5, this would be awesome to win!

  • Nicole Pastika β€” 05:22 PM

    Love your tees!!

  • Jessi Kunsman β€” 05:22 PM

    I love your shirts!

  • Cherie Boyer β€” 05:22 PM

    Thanks for this amazing chance!!

  • Kimberly Weir β€” 05:22 PM

    Love the clothes

  • Nikki Licari β€” 05:22 PM

    Love your products!

  • Sarah Keeble β€” 05:22 PM

    What and exciting giveaway! I hope to win!

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