We ship via USPS and a tracking code will go directly to the e-mail provided during payment once shipped. Please understand that once the item has left the possession of Moots Clothing, it is no longer our responsibility for lost or stolen goods or to track your item. Please see tracking number to follow the whereabouts of your purchase(s). If your items have not made it to your destination, contact USPS ASAP. If you wish to have your item rushed you will be responsible for additional postage fees.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be shipped. It is produced just for you, after all! If your order should ever be delayed for any reason, Moots will always send an email letting you know. 


Return Policies

As each order is ordered specifically for your needs, we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES, unless there is a mistake on our part.  


Lost, Stolen, or Undelivered Shipments

USPS failure to ship your item(s), deliver your item(s), or lost your item(s) is not the fault or reflection of Moots Clothing. We take pride in our shop and dedication to all our customers. Please understand that we have done everything on our end to make sure your item has been shipped to you promptly. Please contact your nearest USPS for further assistance. 


We strive to ship within the listed time frame as all items are made to order, for this reason we will use the address provided during payment. Make sure the address you provide is CORRECT on the screen before placing the order.